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Welcome to Sechrist Industries. Advancing Hyperbaric Medicine since 1973

Sechrist’s chambers assist physicians in their pursuit of discovering lifesaving applications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a clinical treatment where the patient breathes 100% oxygen intermittently while enclosed in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at a pressure greater than one atmosphere. Sechrist Hyperbarics department is made up of industry experts whose sole purpose is to ensure quality products and great patient recovery.


Sechrist is a team of dedicated professionals whose purpose is to identify, develop and sustain a worldwide competitive offering of high-quality technology solutions to the healthcare community.

As the world leader in hyperbaric chamber manufacturers, we identify and fulfill healthcare opportunities that will improve the quality of patient care, add convenience and efficiency for the practitioner, and provide high quality and cost-effective technology applications that result in a positive return on investment.

Our team has been building hyperbaric chambers and respiratory products since 1973. The experience our team brings is unsurpassed – many of our team members have been with Sechrist for over 20 years. From the start, we have been customer-driven and have operated with a core set of values that define who we are and how we want to be known. These quality-driven values form the foundation of our business and establish a solid presence the world recognizes as Sechrist Industries.

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Enhanced H Chamber with Gurney Storage and Low Profile Gurney

The Sechrist H-Series Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber with gurney storage and low profile gurney is the newest advancement in our hyperbaric line of products. 

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Additional Pneumatic Chamber Models

Sechrist Industries has additional pneumatic chamber products available.

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Accessories and Ancillary Products

All of the important accessories and ancillary items to make the hyperbaric treatments more efficient and comfortable 

Sechrist Cloud

The new Sechrist Cloud System - Hyperbaric Information Tracking - provides all the key and important information about your chambers online and always available at your fingertips.

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Sechrist University

Sechrist technicians take your team through How To courses to keep them up to date on the use of your Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chamber and gurneys.

Robotics Class
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Sechrist Patient Mobility Products

Sechrist new line of Patient Mobility Products offers solutions for assisting your patients throughout the wound care and hyperbaric center.

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Hyperbaric Technical and Field Service

Everything you need to know about Sechrist's Technical and Field Service programs.

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Get in touch with us

Corporate Headquarters

Sechrist Industries, Inc.
4225 E. La Palma Ave. Anaheim, CA 92807
1-800-SECHRIST (800-732-4747)
Phone: 714-579-8400

Customer Service

1-800-SECHRIST (800-732-4747)


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