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HBO TV Rack System

The Sechrist HBO TV system has been developed as another value-added feature for Sechrist hyperbaric customers.

Gas Source Selection Panel

The Gas Selection Panel is used in conjunction with the Sechrist Industries Monoplace Hyperbaric System

Hyperbaric Positioning Pads

Sechrist Positioning Pads provide Optimal Positioning & Comfort for all Hyperbaric Patients

Knee Rolling Pads.jpg

OmniPressure Hyperbaric Chamber Mattress

A New Standard in Patient Comfort and Pressure Distribution that supports  clinical wound-prevention goals


Ground Check System

Fully Integrated Hyperbaric Chamber / Patient Ground-Check System that saves time and money

Patient going into chamber.jpg

Air Breathing Assembly

The Air Break Breathing Assembly is designed to provide medical breathing air to a breathing patient with minimal respiratory support

Pass Thru Ports and Cables, Electrical Monitoring

Physiological monitors and/or invasive pressure monitoring can be achieved by using the standard 19 pin electrical pass-thru connectors and cables

Hyper2 033v2.jpg

Hyperbaric Knee Pillow

Our new knee pillow relieves pressure under the patient's knees during hyperbaric treatments and helps promote spinal alignment and support where needed.

Knee Pillow.jpg
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