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The Sechrist Air/Oxygen Delivery System is designed to deliver medical grade gas – Air or Oxygen - to a patient while undergoing treatment at pressures up to 3 ATA in the Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber.

Whether pressurizing a Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber with medical grade air or oxygen, the Air/Oxygen Delivery System allows for near 100% Oxygen to be easily delivered comfortably to the patient via a non-rebreather mask found in most hospital settings. Easy to use, the Air/Oxygen Delivery System can switch to Air or Oxygen via a selector knob to provide seamless gas changes to the patient.  During the compression phase of a treatment, the patient can receive 100% Oxygen while the chamber is achieving treatment pressure and filling with near 100% Oxygen.

Now the attendant can conveniently change the gas to the patient without the patient removing and replacing the non-rebreather mask. The Air/Oxygen Delivery System is conveniently installed on the door ring for Model 3200, all E and H Series Model Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers.

Oxygen administered under increased atmospheric pressure is a powerful modality and must be administered with care and precision. That is why Sechrist controls every step of design, engineering, manufacture, and service of its monoplace hyperbaric chambers – including the acrylic pressure chamber – to assure an unmatched level of quality, performance, safety and patient comfort.


Flow: Variable utilizing the flowmeter

Supply Pressure: 50psig +/- 5

3.52 kg/cm2 recommended to overcome chamber pressure

Ordering Information:

P/N 20647-1 Standard

P/N 20647-2 Reverse


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