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Quality, Tested, Manufacturer Warranty

The Sechrist name is synonymous with quality, innovation, safety, reliability and service. Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric chambers have set the highest standards for hyperbaric systems in the market. This earned reputation for over four decades has made the Sechrist hyperbaric system the preferred system for delivery of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.


Owners and users of a Sechrist chamber are in an elite club that will only settle for the best for their patients. Every hyperbaric chamber manufactured by Sechrist will not only provide years of dependable service, but also retains its value more than other brands. Peace of mind and confidence come standard with ownership of a Sechrist chamber.

Buying a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is an important decision, and when a used chamber is purchased, there are extra considerations. Not all used chambers are the same, there are key differences between used chambers and Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chambers. Used chambers purchased on the secondary market come with unknown factors and an unsure level of risk. When a Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chamber is purchased from Sechrist Industries, Inc., buyers can rest assured they are getting an exceptional product from the people who know the chamber better than anyone else.

Sechrist Industries, Inc. has again led the marketplace by pioneering the concept of Certified Pre-Owned hyperbaric chambers. The Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned program provides everything that is expected from a Sechrist system, the comprehensive attention to detail, quality and customer satisfaction. Buying a Sechrist Certified Pre-Owned chamber is a smart choice that saves thousands over new retail pricing without compromising the benefits of quality, innovation, safety, reliability and service. Now, the dream of owning a Sechrist chamber may be realized for less than thought possible.

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Barry Baker

Sr. Vice President of Sales, East
Mobile: (850) 510-2781

Caryn Oldham

Sr. Vice President of Sales, West
Mobile: (714) 322-6628

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