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Sechrist recognizes that the healthcare community continues to face the challenge of maintaining processes associated with cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and substances that can pose a risk to patient and caregivers. To assist in this process, Sechrist has added Built-in Antimicrobial Product Protection to all painted surfaces of Sechrist H Model Hyperbaric Chambers.

Sechrist Monoplace Chambers treated with Built-in Antimicrobial Product Protection will:

  • Inhibit the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, molds, mildews and fungi

  • Reduces the build-up of microbial growth

  • Helps hide fingerprints through proprietary methods

  • Provides continuous microbe-fighting action


Our team is always working to improve our products to make the care you provide as efficient as possible. The new Door Lock Indicator is a new convenient feature that allows the chamber operator to easily verify the chamber door is securely locked.
• Provides visual confirmation that the Safety Lock Pin is fully engaged
• Green indicator is easily and clearly seen when the monoplace hyperbaric chamber door is properly closed
• Eliminates the need for the chamber operator to bend down to view if Safety Lock Pin is completely and correctly fully engaged in the Safety Lock Hole



Efficiency and simplification of patient treatments not only enhances the patient experience but also improves the process for the hyperbaric technician.
Features of the Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop
• Allows for the gurney rails height to be set to always stop at the exact height of the chamber rails
• Reduces the need to continually check to see if the rails are aligned
• No longer requires ‘feathering’ of the gurney height which can lead to stretcher plate becoming uneven
• Difficulty in lining up gurney to chamber is eliminated
• Minimizes damage to chamber and door gasket when aligning


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