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Under Knee Support During Hyperbaric Treatments

  • Ideal for patients that need under the knee support during treatment.

  • Curved design takes pressure off of knees.

  • Designed for safe use in high-oxygen environments.

  • High-density foam inner support for extended use and long life.

  • Fluid and flame resistant cover that meets all regulatory requirements regarding fire safety.

  • Anti-microbial cover that is easily cleaned cleaned after each patient.

Supporting Wound-Prevention Goals

Sechrist Industries, Inc., the world leader in hyperbaric technology, continues to innovate and look at solutions to make it easier to operate and manage our suite of products. One of our newest value-ad accessories is the Sechrist Knee Pillow. Our new knee pillow relieves pressure under the patient's knees during hyperbaric treatments and helps promote spinal alignment and support where needed.

Just another way we are making things easier for caregivers and their patients.

Knee Pillow Specifications:

Length: 18"

Diameter: 6"

Ordering Information:

P/N 20638

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