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Sechrist has the unique distinction of offering the only Low Profile Gurney currently in the market. Compatible with
all Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers, this new product offers a variety of features and benefits that will
meet the needs of your Hyperbaric patients and Hyperbaric team.

The Sechrist Low Profile Gurney is provided with the H Series Monoplace Hyperbaric Chamber Storage Models.
Convenient storage allows for additional free space in the hyperbaric room eliminating need for wall space to store
chamber gurneys.

  • Low Profile Gurney goes 5” lower from floor to top of mattress than Standard Gurney allowing for maximum patient comfort and safety.

  • Eliminates or minimizes the use of step stools and staff assistance which potentially results in easier and safer patient access to getting onto the Low Profile Gurney.

  • Adjustable backrest for Models 3600H and 4100H has an increased incline up to 45° for additioinal flexibility and patient comfort.

  • Bariatric patients up to 700 lbs can be comfortably supported.

  • The Low Profile Gurney provides for easy loading of the patient into the chamber without additional transfer

  • .Sechrist Low Profile Gurneys offer considerable flexibility, easily adjusting to various heights for ready access to patients in beds, wheelchairs or other elevations.

  • Designed exclusively for all Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers allowing for easy transferring of patients in and out of Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers.

  • One step locking mechanism ensures simultaneously locking of all wheels for safety.

  • Added features include side rails for patient protection, IV pole mount, and storage tray.

Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop

Sechrist’s exclusive Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop will allow users to always stop the gurney to meet the chamber rails at exactly the right height every time.

  • Efficiency and simplification of patient treatments not only enhances the patient experience but also improves the  process for the hyperbaric technician.

  • Reduces the need to continually check to see if the rails are aligned. 

  • No longer requires ‘feathering’ of the gurney height which can lead to stretcher plate becoming uneven. 

  • Difficulty in lining up gurney to chamber is eliminated.

  • Minimizes potential damage to chamber and door gasket when aligning. 

  • All new Low Profile Gurneys come with the Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop. Available as an upgrade to most older Sechrist Low Profile Gurneys, a retrofit kit can be conveniently installed at the time of Annual Service.

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