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Sechrist Industries, Inc., the world leader in Hyperbaric technology, continues to innovate and look at solutions to make it easier to operate our monoplace hyperbaric chambers. Our newest value-add accessory, the Sechrist Mirror Guidance System allows caregivers to easily connect the patient gurney to the chamber rails by allowing the user to have a clear view of the foot of the chamber at all times.

Mirror Guidance System Benefits

  • Allows chamber operators to visually locate both the foot end of the gurney 
    and the chamber rails while standing at the head end of the gurney.

  • Reduces time confirming alignment and reduces “feathering” effect to repeatedly 
    raise and lower the gurney to meet height of chamber rails. 

  • Reduces potential damage to door gasket as a result of misalignment due to 
    limited visualization.

  • Mirror is easily adjustable to find the prefect angle for alignment and viewing.

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