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Sechrist Cloud System

Hyperbaric Information Tracking


All the key and important information about your Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric System always at your fingertips, available online, 24/7

Automatic Gurney Mechanical Height Stop

Sechrist’s new Automatic
Gurney Mechanical Height
Stop Kit will allow users to
always stop the Hyperbaric
Gurney to meet the Chamber
rails at exactly the right
height everytime.

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Chamber Cleaning Kit

The Sechrist Cleaning System increases convenience and efficiency which is key to improving the hyperbaric team’s
experience maintaining your Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber.

Chamber Cleaning Kit 4.jpg
Water Bottle.jpg

Water Bottle Holder

The Sechrist Water Bottle Holder
allows your patients to easily have a water bottle without fear of spilling or injury to the acrylic.


Wall Mount Ground Kit

Wall Mount Ground Kit is complete with everything needed to properly install the Wall Mount Ground for Sechrist Hyperbaric Chambers

Air/Oxygen Delivery System

The Sechrist Air/Oxygen Delivery System is designed to deliver medical grade gas – Air or Oxygen - to a patient while
undergoing treatment at pressures up to 3 ATA in the Sechrist Hyperbaric Chamber.

Air Oxygen Delivery.jpg

Mirror Guidance System

The Mirror Guidance System allows chamber operators to visually locate both the foot end of the gurney and the chamber rails while standing at the head of the gurney. 

Alignment System Mirror long shot.jpg

Inline Filter

We now offer the Sechrist Inline Filter Kit, a comprehensive solution designed to meet the strict requirements outlined in NFPA-99, Chapter 14 Hyperbaric Facilities.

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Start Up Kit

Everything needed to outfit the Hyperbaric Center
to safely, effectively and comfortably treat patients

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