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A New Standard in Patient Comfort and Pressure Distribution

  • Supports clinical wound-prevention goals

  • Optimum pressure distribution through unique two-layer multi-density design

  • Immersion layer with highly supportive and resilient underlayer which provides optimum pressure distribution

  • Significantly improved patient comfort

  • Gentle slope reduces pressure on lower legs and protects heels

  • Up to 25% increase in surface support area compared to existing hyperbaric mattress

  • Fluid-resistant, conductive, anti-microbial and non-irritant top cover

  • Conductive, tear-resistant vinyl bottom cover provides durable and slip-resistant surface

  • Meets standards NFPA 99, CAL 117, 133 and 603; 16 CFR Part 1633

  • Standard mattress supports all hyperbaric patients; bariatric model available for patients from 400 to 700 lbs

  • Fits all current hyperbaric chamber models and brands

  • The Sechrist OmniPressure Hyperbaric Mattress provides even pressure distribution for all patients. The OmniPressure shows a 40%+ improvement in heel pressure and up to 30% improvement in the sacral region as compared to existing competitive hyperbaric mattresses (based on 165 lb., 240 lb., and 385 lb. patients).

Supporting Wound-Prevention Goals
Designed to support healthcare professionals in their wound-prevention

goals, the Sechrist OmniPressure Hyperbaric Chamber Mattress distributes

pressure across the patient’s body for optimum comfort. A unique

two-layer, multi-density design provides a combination of support and

conformation, while a gentle taper at the foot of the mattress redistributes

pressure along the lower legs and reduces stress on the patient’s heels,

a problematic area for those with compromised wounds.

The OmniPressure Hyperbaric Mattress fits all current brands and models

of hyperbaric chambers and is designed for safety, flexibility and optimum infection control. The fabric cover top is both fluid-resistant and flame resistant. Specifically designed for use in a hyperbaric chamber, the cover is conductive, anti-microbial, self-deodorizing and easily cleaned. The mattress meets all standards for protection of the patient and facility.

The standard OmniPressure Hyperbaric Mattress supports all patients comfortably and with optimum pressure distribution. A bariatric model is also available designed specifically to provide the same benefits to patients from 400 to 700 lbs.

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